Our Story

Kalyana Textiles was inspired by my love for the rich jewel-toned hues, intricate patterns, soft natural fabrics, and earthen feel which characterize Indian home furnishings. Having traveled to India frequently throughout my life, I was always drawn to classical designs but found myself often searching for a slightly altered version which I could easily integrate into western decor. Unable to find exactly what I was looking for, I launched Kalyana Textiles in 2012.

Named after the Sanskrit word for "lovely," the company offers bedding, table linens and cushion covers which combine very traditional Indian printing techniques and designs with a twist - a touch of streamlined, modern style. Our initial collection is an assortment of charming small-scale motifs, sweeping florals and lively geometric patterns all presented in a vibrant coastal color palette.

All of our products are handmade in collaboration with a group of independent artisans, designers, and crafters in India. Our partner group is based in the village of Sanganer, which has been world-renowned as a major center for textile printing since the 18th century. During production, we work with multiple generations of families on all steps such as block-making, dyeing, printing and stitching. Our aim is to develop a sustainable source of income for these families and ensure that the cultural heritage of hand block printing continues to flourish.

We truly hope that you enjoy living with our lovely pieces as much as we enjoyed creating them!

Aparna Glynn, Owner